Still amused

Happy February. Less than 2 months to Ice Age 2! Sequel to the best computer animated movie, ever. Don’t hate.

I’m back to working relatively normal hours for a while. To witness the post-crunch deforestation of my head, roll your mouse over these photos.

The situation at work remains interesting. Headhunters and recruiters are like vultures circling overhead. Not totally sure what to do and when to do it.

I’ve been thinking of attempting Mt. Rainier this year. Unfortunately, every photo of a glacial crevasse leaves me second-guessing myself. Moreso than every flash of lightning above timberline on Pike’s Peak. I really don’t want to fall a hundred feet between two sheets of ice and die. There must be safer activities.

Major events for the month:

  • Feb 4: Tito and Tai-Chi’s birthday at Cherry Red. The last party there was great; I expect this one to be even better.
  • Feb 11: Eunice and Cella’s birthday at The Big House. I’m so gonna have my Michigan hat in my pocket.
  • Feb ??: Might take a random flight somewhere. Gotta keep those MileagePlus miles alive as long as United is around.
  • Feb 28: Premiere of Nate’s movie, The Gift, in California. Go Nate!

I should pick up that SLR, or at least a replacement point-and-shoot, really soon. This month must be documented!

4,790 Responses to “Still amused”

  1. Shinsohk Says:

    I’m probably flying out to cali this month I’ll inform you when are the exact dates.

  2. tito Says:

    You didn’t bring your Michigan hat.