So… I’m striking secret resolution #1 (switch jobs) from the record. This is due in no small part to a healthy raise, good managers, and a long lunch with the company owner today. I’m happy with things. I think I’ll buy a place and move out soon.

Tomorrow I begin flight training! N96507 out of Schaumburg Regional. Weather-permitting, of course. Watch out, sky! I really want to get a photo of my first flight… which brings us to the next item. After much research, I picked up a black DSC-T5 on the way home from work today.

Sony DSC-T5

It’s pretty full-featured, but not quite as portable and adventure-ready as my last camera. I’m scrapping the plans to buy a digital SLR camera this year… they’re just too bulky.

In short, I’m doing much better with this year’s goals than I had expected. Even started work on an indie game with a couple of guys. The only goals I have yet to address are the adventure trips, starting a business, and the freaking spiders.

3 Responses to “Progress!”

  1. longeye33 Says:

    did you take that picture>> heh

  2. Fr. Sebastian V.C Says:

    Semmy, you will always be remembered.

    Our beloved Semmy will be remembered forever. Like me, all of you have sweet memories about Semmy – memories of Semmy standing in front of me walking out from his shower and telling, “here is an udukkakundan,” memories of sharing his great ambitions and seeing him achieving each of his dreams. He passed us like a lightening flash leaving us in tears.

    Semmy’s parents gave him the best education and all the support possible and he used them very well. And he turned out to be the best student in his class. He grabbed many awards and honors.

    After his education he got a very good job of his liking with good salary. He used his money to pay off his student loan and to realize his dreams. He toured several times countries like Japan, India, England etc. and climbed high mountain peaks. To go still higher, he wanted to be a pilot and he piloted planes alone and was very close to getting a pilot license.

    All these he achieved before he reached 24 years. We expected much more from him, but he didn’t wait. He flew away to his creator.

    Why? Why it happened so, many ask. Why should he stay here more once he accomplished whatever was given to do by his creator!

    I remember a story: a gardener loved a flower in his garden more than others. Every morning he came first to that flower and spent time enjoying its beauty. One morning, as usual, he came to that flower. Alas! It was not there. He became so furious. He then saw the owner of the garden coming to him. He hurled all his anger to the owner. The owner said: “I wanted it and I plucked it.” The gardener became dumbfounded. Yes, the gardener Jesus wanted Semmy and he plucked him. Who are we to question him?

    Have you ever thought of a beautiful short life and a useless long life? An Indian poet, Kumaranasan wrote: How much better and beautiful is the short life of a lightning that sheds light to millions in just a flash than the long life of a rock in the road that man dashes his leg against!

    Yes, the short of life of Semmy shed light to all of us like the flash of a lightning and we are inspired by that light. Semmy, we will not miss you, you are with us always with your sly smile.

    Appachan Uncle

  3. zola Says:


    I bought a digi cam today – DSC T10 – the 7 MP version from the same line of sony’s yours was from.

    5 months…

    But you’re not gone. You’re always here.

    Thanks, bro.