I’m back to being undecided about sticking around or fleeing to the west coast. Sucks.

Friday night’s flight lesson was one in which I had to play a disturbing game. See, when the aircraft is about to stall, a warning buzzer goes off. My goal Friday was to see how long I could keep the buzzer going without actually stalling, while manuevering the aircraft as instructed. It went pretty well… I was surprised that the plane was able to maintain flight down to about 45mph. I definitely feel more comfortable in the air now. Monday night I’m going to practice power-on stalls, wherein “the nose is brought upward to an attitude obviously impossible for the airplane to maintain and is held at that attitude until the full stall occurs.” Oh how I love stalling the airplane.

I finally bought a memory stick for my camera. I’m no longer limited to 7 photos at at a time. Hooray. I present 3 celebratory photos of the reef tank.

purple mushroom

frogspawn, shrimp, 'shrooms

vermetid with its web of mucous

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