Sadly, dear friends of Semmy, on May 15, 2006 he, without any forewarning, without saying goodbye to anyone, our beloved Semmy peacefully heeded God’s call and withdrew from this world into eternity overnight. May he rest in peace, in His hands. Let us all keep Semmy in our prayers.

> Click here to view several photos Semmy recently took, along with photos from his final farewell ceremony

> Click here to view a letter written (in Malayalam) by his dad for family and friends

> Click here to read the introduction and eulogies given during Semmy’s farewell ceremony

Thanks to all those who participated physically, as well as spritually, in his farewell ceremony on May 17th and 18th. Everyone’s love and comforting words meant a lot to us.

Sebastian, Mary, Savy, and Saly

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  1. emmanuelabraham Says:

    Dear Chittappan Chechi, Savy, Sally

    Thanks for your kind gesture in mailing me some of the beautiful moments of beloved semmy’s life and the images of last journey.

    As you have started the letter no words can console the loss and greif that had befallen on us. However I feel happy to note that you could complete the hosting of the web page at such a short period amidst such sorrow.

    Our prayers remains with you all hope the good lord does everything for the greater glory even though we does not understand his ways and deeds always.

    We shall find solace in the fact that HE was kind enough to give such a beautiful gift to us, though we could not cherish it for as much time as we desired. May be HE must have been in hurry to get his beloved back to his presence.

    Wish the good lord give you strength to move forward with peace and poise, without grumbling and complaints. SEMMY will be always there to watch over your every deeds and guide and console you with HIS charming smiles that never will fade away our memories.

    Thanks once again and we shall remember HIM today especially along with you in the evening mass.

    I shall be at peace to know the reason that caused his sad demise



  2. sebastian Says:

    Here are some comments and reflections received by email:

    Dear Sebastian, Mary, Savy, and Saly,
    Thanks for all that you wrote about your beloved Semy. Yes, it is a very very dark days of your life. I do not know what to say. I offer up my prayerful support, pain and silent tears for Semy who is with God and for you who have become a family to me during these past years. Someone said, big ships come, deliver the goods and goes back. Semy came delivered the goods to the fullest during his 24 years of life, and has gone back to be with the one who sent him. He is happy. Those who remain here lives in shock, suffering and pain unable to believe what has happened. May God be your strength and courage in your struggle and pain. As Saly and Savy had written, Semy achieved most of his dreams during this short time of his life. Let us continue to hold on to God as we struggle with many answerless questions at this time. With love and prayers. Sarita from Sydney

    Thank you for the mail. We watched the photoes. Many of our sisters still remember him when he came to Noida. Eliamma Chechi has gone to Etah. I have forwarded the mail in their address. She tried to ring you up. But could not get. We do pray for you all. Let the Good Lord be always with you to fill your heart with heavenly joy and peace.
    Sr. Ann Joseph FCC

    My dear Mr.Sebastian and Mary chechi,
    Thank you for the letters and your loving words. Yes, it was a painful news for me and i am with you in prayer and remembrance of you all. I was fortunate to view the photo gallery of semmy on 24th itself and be part of his last journey on earth. May he enjoy everlasting peace with the Lord. When you can, please let me know what semmy was doing. he must have completed his studies. Love to Saly and sevy .in this time of sorrow. May the Lord accompany them in all their ways.
    United in love and prayer. Sr.shanti

    Dear loving Chettan, mary Chechy, savy and Saly,
    Thanks for the photo gallery you have prepared. Yesterday when I came back after a week of retreat at Kotagiri, I opened the email I found it. I sat the whole night and this morning till 11.30 am./ and read everything, your letters and other photos of his final journey. Without knowing my eyes were filled with tears many times, my remembrance of Semmy and his sudden passing away, I cannot accept it. But God’s will has to happen and no way than to accept it. Thanks for the photo gallery you prepared of his final journey. I could be there as if I have seen the whole
    of it. Surely he lives in our hearts and many others.But we miss him so much.
    I prayed for you all and him those days of my retreat that God may give strength to accept it and He may
    console you.
    Congratulations for all your letters and write up. yes, indeed it keeps memory of him, and speaks volumes
    of his great life and achievements and his personality. May he rest in peace and Let him guard you as a Guardian angel from heaven as he was always to Saly and Savy. My prayerful support will be with you
    I give thanks to God for your family and for accepting God’s will i your life. May he give you more and more
    courage and strength to accept it in the coming days when the winter days of your life.
    othiri snehathodu,

    Dear Mary Aunty & Uncle,
    Sorry to hear about Semmy’s sudden departure. I wanted to call you but was advised against it as I was told that you were not up to it. I had been wondering as to how I could get in touch with you and was surprised when I got an e-mail from you. Amma was here with me when this tragedy happened. When she called up from here, she herself started crying and wouldn’t talk to us for a very long time. When I asked her to call u back, she said she wants to give u time.She went back to India after 3days. I went thru the website that you sent us. I still cant believe it, as I still remember Semmy as a 9 year old boy, when I last met him. I really don’t think I have any words that will alleviate you of this pain. My children saw the photos on the website and they could not understand how you are able to bear such a loss. I can only hope and pray that God gives you all, the strength and wishing you as much peace as possible during this time. Please convey our sympathies to Savy and Saly, who have to bear this loss at such a young age.
    Please keep in touch.
    Shobitha & Jai

    Dear Chettai,
    Thanks for the http://www.semmz.com . I was waiting for that. I used to open my e-mail everyday to read you letter. But I myself did not dare to write to you as I did not know how to console you…but I was praying for you.
    Yours letter in Malayalam explained everything and your mental state. Thanks . It was excellent. I got a lot information from that , information I was waiting for ..You are really a man of faith…courageous indeed!
    Photos were too small that I could make out only four of you , Kariachan, and Apppachanchettan. Is there any way to enlarge and see them? Who is Angela John, cousin? The eulogy of Saly and Savy are really touching. I could not help but crying reading them. I had got the explanation about the funeral from Appachanchettan.
    Great you are chettai! Your last sentence in the letter attracted me.”…to face life realistically..” yes, I shall pray for that.
    I got a chance to see him when you took the trouble to come thru Mumbai in 2005 from Kerala. So I knew him…to fix a face to my prayer. I have also a photo of his near the Christmas tree when he was very small, before Saly was born. Thanks a lot for sending those , Lovingly Kochachan

    Hi Sebastian, Mary, Sevy and Saly,
    Just now I went thru the photos of Semmy. I have no words to console myself or you all. If I feel this much, how about you. May the Lord continue to give you strength.
    May Semmy intercede for us.
    Love and prayers
    Mary Abraham

    Dear loving Sebastian,
    Thank you for the message, I just viewed the pictures… of course tears in my eyes. I am praying for you. I can not imagine how you can bear this pain… I have no words to console you, yet know I am close to you and loving you all. I remember Sammy today and days to come.
    Gratefully Angel

  3. sijo Says:

    God Bless You

  4. Raju Muringayil Says:

    My Dear Sebastian, Mary, Savy and Sally,
    I am feeling so sad and empty as I think about your loss. Soon after Semmy’s loss you were so kind to call me and leave a message on my answering machine. When I heard the message, I found this hard to believe. It happened so suddenly.
    I called back to make sure that I had the information correct and I still can remember your tears and sorrow over the loss of your beloved son. I regret that I could not come to the funeral but I wish I had been there to say a final good-bye to Semmy and to express my support to you and your family.
    As you know, there are no words to express my sorrow but I do share your grief as I remember the loss of my own beloved mother. Grief takes its toll but we heal in time.
    I send to you and your family a beautiful poem that we can share with the families in our own situation. It is called:
    “The Legacy.” by Merritt Mallory

    When I die give what is left of me to my family.
    If you need to cry, cry for your brothers and sisters walking beside you.
    And when you need me put your arms around someone
    And give them what you need to give me.

    I want to leave you with something: something better that words or sounds.
    Look for me in the people whom I have known and loved.
    And if you cannot live without me, then let me live on in your eyes,
    your mind and your acts of kindness.

    You can love me most by letting hands touch hands and
    Letting go of people who need to be free.

    Love does not die; people die.
    So when all that is left of me is love…
    Give me away…

    I pray that this note and poem will give you comfort and support.

    Your loving friend,

    Raju Muringayil

  5. Thomas poomala Says:

    Dear Sebastian, Mary, Savy, and Saly,
    Semmy had come to our home in poomala when he was in Kerala. He took a lot of photographs here. Both of us had gone for a small tour of poomala and as usual he was having his camera with him. He took a lot of photos especially one of Pattikadan Mani holding a rubber sheet tray on his head. He showed with me all he had taken till then; his car, aquarium and a lot of insects. He even showed a photo of him at a restaurant where he was having Masala Dosa. He liked it a lot and said that in the US it was very costly. Semmy shared his flying experiences with me. Very excited he was while explaining to me all about the plane and how it worked. He talked about a desire to find a small farmhouse with modern amenities. He hinted that it should be somewhere around this area where Sebastian had spent his early years & wished to retire to. A sweet boy, very eager to experience & learn new things. That is how I like to remember him always. Sebastian’s letter in Malayalam was very heartwarming. May God be your pillar of strength in your struggle and pain. Let us continue to hold on to God at this time.
    P T Thomas Poomala

    For the short period Semmy stayed with us it was unforgettable for me. He was as innocent as a child and ready to adapt to our routines whether it be food, prayer talks etc. Once at dinner time I asked him “Semmy do you eat chicken? “Yes” he replied “but mum had told me not to have meat especially chicken while I am in India”. “But fish is ok”. We had a hearty laugh. Another time I asked Semmy “Did you try driving in India? He said again “No aunty, my parents told me not to drive.” I said to my kids “what an obedient child. Exactly obeying what his parents had told him.”
    I shall always have the last picture of Semmy in my mind. As he was leaving, he said to me with a charming smile” Aunty, Thank you for your hospitality”.
    He will never fade from my memory. My prayers will be with you
    all especially Mary always.
    Mary Thomas

    “You should watch House.” It’s a real good show. Let’s watch it together”. That was Semmy. We had just finished dinner and were watching TV. I usually watched the shows till late at night and then dozed off. Tonight I was not at all sleepy. He had just given me a tour of his photos on his digi-cam, and I watched with awe as he showed me his new car & talked about it with pride. Next were the photos at Lucas studios. I remember thinking how lucky he was to work at something he loved, and still be a down to earth guy. I don’t remember whether we watched the show, but I do remember the toothy smile and the wide grin. There was an energy about him that was hard to miss. My thoughts & prayers go out to you all especially Savy & Sally. May the good lord watch over us all.

  6. Fr. Sebastian V.C Says:

    Semmy, you will always be remembered.

    Our beloved Semmy will be remembered forever. Like me, all of you have sweet memories about Semmy – memories of Semmy standing in front of me walking out from his shower and telling, “here is an udukkakundan,” memories of sharing his great ambitions and seeing him achieving each of his dreams. He passed us like a lightening flash leaving us in tears.

    Semmy’s parents gave him the best education and all the support possible and he used them very well. And he turned out to be the best student in his class. He grabbed many awards and honors.

    After his education he got a very good job of his liking with good salary. He used his money to pay off his student loan and to realize his dreams. He toured several times countries like Japan, India, England etc. and climbed high mountain peaks. To go still higher, he wanted to be a pilot and he piloted planes alone and was very close to getting a pilot license.

    All these he achieved before he reached 24 years. We expected much more from him, but he didn’t wait. He flew away to his creator.

    Why? Why it happened so, many ask. Why should he stay here more once he accomplished whatever was given to do by his creator!

    I remember a story: a gardener loved a flower in his garden more than others. Every morning he came first to that flower and spent time enjoying its beauty. One morning, as usual, he came to that flower. Alas! It was not there. He became so furious. He then saw the owner of the garden coming to him. He hurled all his anger to the owner. The owner said: “I wanted it and I plucked it.” The gardener became dumbfounded. Yes, the gardener Jesus wanted Semmy and he plucked him. Who are we to question him?

    Have you ever thought of a beautiful short life and a useless long life? An Indian poet, Kumaranasan wrote: How much better and beautiful is the short life of a lightning that sheds light to millions in just a flash than the long life of a rock in the road that man dashes his leg against!

    Yes, the short of life of Semmy shed light to all of us like the flash of a lightning and we are inspired by that light. Semmy, we will not miss you, you are with us always with your sly smile.

    Appachan Uncle

  7. sebastian Says:

    Here is another reflection received by email by Sr. Jeeva:

    Hi Sebastian and Mary,
    Greetings from Jeeva, India. How are you? I hope you are keeping fine. How is Savy and Sally? I hope they are doing well too. They might come for Christmas break. Isn’t it?

    I have been thinking of you very much these days. I know you are still going through deep pain. I just do not know how can I be of support to you during this time. You have been very good to me all the while in my ups and downs while I was in Chicago. Now I know you are in pain and I keep thinking how I can be of support to you emotionally and spiritually. I do keep all of you in my prayers. That you can be sure of.

    I know the coming days will be hard for you particularly the birthdays and Christmas New Year so on. I know every celebration may seem a pain and emptiness without Semmy. It will take time before you can put things together. So be patient with yourself and give yourself time to come in terms with reality and accept the loss. Time will heal everything. And God will help us with the process.

    Meanwhile I want you to take courage. You have two wonderful children. Love them more and more. They will love you too. Because Semmy is gone do not deprive Savy and Sally the joy you can give to them. Don’t let them feel that only Semmyis the center of your life. I understand Semmy was exceptional, bright and wonderful. But God took him back earlier than any of us expected. It is Ok to be angry at God. I also keep ask God why did you have to do such athings to promising life like Sammys. The answer that I get is that God is telling me Semmy has completed his mission so faithfully on earth and the best way possible. So I brought him back to myself. I feel consloed at this thought. So believe that Semmy has lived his life to the full in this short time and he has gone ahead of us to prepare a place for all of us. We are sure to meet thim when we reach there. And although he is not physcically present with us he is very much alive with us in spirit. Don’t you feel his presence?
    I am going to sent two poems that gave me strength when I lost my father. May be that can help you too.
    This poem I got in the flight from Chicago to Mumabi. I was very sad and depressed when my father was diagnosed with brain tumor. I kept praying to God don’t take away my father because I love him too much and I do not have anybody to think of me and take care of me. My father was very precisous to me since he without asking saw to all my need even after I became a sister. When I went home for holidays always he provided me with good food, clothing whatever I needed and cash when I left home to keep with me incase I needed for anything. He was very thoughtful and loving. I could not imagine going home without my father being there. But I think God prepared me to accept death when I opened the magazine in the flight just to keep away my sadness. As I opened the magazine this poem fell into my eyes. It goes like this…

    When I must leave you
    When I must leave you for a little while
    Please do not grieve and shed wild tears
    And hug your sorrow to you through the years

    But start out bravely with a gallant smile;
    And for my sake and in my name
    Live on and do all the things the same,
    Feed not your lonliness on empty days,
    But fill each waking hour in useful ways,
    Reach out your hand in comfort and in cheer
    And I in turn will comfort you
    And hold you near;
    And never, never be afraid to die,
    For I am waiting for you in the sky!

    When I read this I got shocked and cried bitterly in the palne. I told God “no” don’t take my father away. I have only him. If I do not have my parents why should I go home. Who is there for me? Then I had to all the more believe and trust in God to take care of me. Then I relized God had already prepared me by giving love and support and with many good friends to live on wihtout my father on earth. I had you, I had many wonderful friends who would stand by me when I needed. So God was right. I give you a hundred fold more paretns like people, more brothers and sisters, and more frinds to enjoy my life. I had to simply tell God thank you for opening my eyes to what I have been taking it for granted. The above poem helped me to accept the pain and sorrow in a better way.
    Then one of my friends send me another poem to somfort me. That goes like this.

    While the other flings aside heaven’s door
    Back to the blazing hearth
    of our first home
    While those inside having arrived long before us
    Rush to the door like glad children shouting
    Death has a bad name on earth, but in heaven it is a
    Everytime the door opens,
    and God does not forget
    His earth bound children
    Sad and left behind.
    He leaves the party early
    To enter into their despair

    So my dear wonderful people, know that i think of you, love you and pray for you. Take courage. God journeys with us all the time. May htis give you courage and strength to go forward trusting in His love and goodness.