I waited nearly a month before making a second post. Most people do a week or two of daily updates, followed by a couple months of weekly updates, before reaching this point. I did it in two posts. Way ahead of the curve.

On Friday, I evicted 2-3 months’ worth of crunch-time hair from my head and face. I was starting to get used to it. It was keeping me warm. Clumped together on the barbershop floor, the exiled former inhabitants of my head resembled a small black poodle.

You know the tagline up at the top of this page? About eagles not catching flies? It was in the body of a spam message. I found it amusing… sort of like a fortune spam cookie. Ok, that’s pretty nasty.

Yeah. ~1 month, and that’s all I’ve got. Things might pick up once I get a photo gallery installed.

Monday will mark my first attempt at secret resolution #1.

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